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Month: June 2016

What I Love This Week: Spiralizers!

I love eating a home cooked meal, but sometimes I’m just exhausted at the end of the day and not interested in chopping and assembling 10 moving pieces. So far, I’ve found nothing easier than spiralized zucchini. Healthy, versatile, and fast, zucchini noodles — i.e., zucchini noodles — are fun to whip up and easy to cook. Just shove the zucchini in there, twist it into the grater, and zoodles will fall out the side. I sauté them in a bit of olive oil with some carrots and onions and then dress them in pesto and pair with a protein.

I use this spiralizer, which only costs $6 and works like a charm.

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What I Love This Week: Tespo

Not to succumb to America’s consumer culture, but every so often I make a rather significant purchase that brings a little light into my life (similar to the effect of good food,  but to a lesser extent). I’m still building my list of “What To Not Skimp On” — food, running shoes, bed sheets — and health and fitness are some of the highest items on the list.

As someone who is not the *most* eager exerciser or the quickest to reach for an apple over a cupcake, I believe any investment that encourages me to take care of myself is worthwhile.

I went pescatarian about six years ago in an effort to improve my health. It worked really well for me and had a hugely positive effect on my cholesterol levels. However, at the time I was a competitive swimmer and noticed a distinct drop in energy levels. To help with this, I was told to take a daily multi-vitamin to keep my iron levels nice and perky. Okay, easy enough.

Except it wasn’t. I was constantly forgetting to take my vitamins and, as a result, often felt sluggish (I also was constantly turned away from blood drives due to low hemoglobin…). So when I came across was targeted by an advertisement for Tespo via Instagram, I was immediately enticed. Tespo is a fancy contraption that blends your vitamins for you in liquid form, removing fillers (which are the things that often make people’s tummies hurt) and making the vitamins more readily available for the body. After a few back and forths over whether it was worth it or not, I decided it was and bought a machine & monthly vitamin pack (they have women’s, men’s, children’s, energy, focus, and sleep) for about $120 with a discount I found online. It came in the mail on Thursday, and I ooed and awed and then set it up. The next morning, I inserted the vitamin cartridge, plugged it in, and clicked the on button. It then whirled the little shot glass around before coming to a stop. It was filled about a forth of the way, if that, with orange liquid with visible particles. I looked at it skeptically and called out to PIF, who was in another room, “well, about to take my vitamin shot…” “Tell me how it is!” he yelled back, as if genuinely interested. I definitely prepared myself for the worst. I imagined the chalky taste of crushed up Women’s One-A-Day’s in water. Then I thought, “I paid over 100 bucks for this thing. I better choke it down.” I took a deep breath and I knocked it back.

“It’s GOOD!” I yelled to PIF, but mostly for my own benefit. In fact, it WAS good. It was slightly sweet and citrus-y, but not particularly strong in any particularly flavor, and almost a bit like watered down Tang. I filled the little cup with a bit more water, swirled, and took the next sip to make sure I got all the nutrition outta there.

Cut to today (day 3 of taking Tespo vitamins). I have way more energy than I usually do and fewer cravings. Obviously, Tespo will have to pass the test of time, but I’m okay with that. Honestly, even if it’s a placebo that makes me feel better but has zero pharmacological effect, I’ll be okay with that. The Tespo vitamin system definitely takes up counter space, cost a pretty penny, and requires more scientific evidence, but the potential for improved compliance, increased energy, and daily happiness my new toy gives me offset the costs for me.

And hey, it is better for my health than $120 worth of Magnolia Bakery banana pudding (hint, hint: foreshadowing)…

To get your own Tespo, visit Amazon or And don’t forget to also purchase your monthly delivery of vitamins as well!


What I Love This Week: Ritual

You know what they say, time is money.

Well, time is not money — it’s invaluable. And whereas the time I spend commuting can sometimes be put to better uses, like reading the newspaper, the time I spend waiting in line I often just spend small talking and anxiously counting the people in front of me. Considering the amount of time I’m willing to wait (and how often I do wait) for good food, this is a bit of an issue. Luckily, I recently discovered Ritual, an app that essentially let’s you cut the line by planning ahead. And you won’t even get the stink eye.

Simply download the app, fill out your profile, and order! The app will tell you when to leave your location to pick up your food or beverage and when you get there, simply walk right up to the counter, grab, and go. It’s that simple, and you’ll save minutes every order. Which adds to hours…which adds to days.

What’s more is you can even save money through Ritual discounts and promotions. Even get started with $5 off by using promo code RACHAEL2190 or going to

And, as always, let me know your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I do get a kickback when you use my personal promo code. However, I only vouch for products I truly love. Regardless of whether or not you use my code, Ritual is a great way to save time and money at your normal spots.

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