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This blog was born out of my love for delicious food, my privilege to live in one of the greatest cities in the world, and my desire to create, taste, and appreciate the essence of a necessity that we have come to perform (at least in theory) three times a day.

I am not a chef. No one in my family is a chef. In fact, I’m pretty much the only foodie in my family. To them, and to most people, my obsession is ridiculous. I will research, plan, travel, or cook for hours to have a great meal. My speciality? Food that is healthful, fresh, and delicious or, if not healthy, so incredible it is worth every calorie.

However, despite not having any formal education in any form of culinary art or even working in a restaurant, I find that I learn so much about the world around me from food. Through the essays, recipes, and reflections you’ll find on this blog, I hope to encapsulate some of these lessons and highlight how one meal can extend so far beyond the minutes, hour, or hours spent preparing and/or eating it.

So, here is my best attempt to express my love for food culture — the entire experience from selecting ingredients to cooking to dining — with a wider audience since, after all, food is best shared.



A little bit more about me…

Name: Rachael Nass
Age: 20-something 😉
Occupation: Economic Consultant and part-time MBA Student
College/Graduate School: University of Chicago/Booth School of Business (also U of C)
Favorite Bands: Modest Mouse, Radiohead, Deadmau5, Flume
In my free time I…:
Blog (duh)
Research restaurants (and eventually go to them)
Seek out cool cocktail bars
Box (against a bag, not another human)
Go to concerts (Follow up question…Last I went to: Jai Wolf)
Relieve stress at comedy shows (Fave comedians: Louie CK and Dave Chappelle)
Listen to podcasts (Here are some of my faves)
Watch amazing television (Mr. Robot is my current obsession, though I admit I’ve seen *a lot* of KUWTK episodes)
“Window” shop online
Have philosophical conversations with friends