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New Beginnings

I’ve not written much in the past month and half or so for no reason other than I’ve been a busy bee. Between holiday travel, visiting friends, school, work, and freelancing for multiple websites, I’ve hardly had a second to tend to Three Times Per Day.

Last year brought a flurry of trial and error. I took up boxing, which was a success. I joined two wine clubs, which was also a success. I tried to expand the nature of Three Times Per Day, which was an utter failure…should have listened to my Marketing Strategy professor about keeping ones brand clean and crisp. Simultaneously, PIF made the leap to a new living situation and a new job, which both turned out to be decisions more wonderful than we even imagined, and I got to see him get his mojo back.

The year also brought a lot of self-reflection and painful truths. The election forced me to think about my values and perception of feminism more deeply than I had since studying Simone de Beauvoir and Marx in college. Orientation for business school highlighted my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and also revealed the qualities of myself I both like and strongly dislike, some of which I didn’t even realize were habits or aspects of my personality.

Today is not January 1st, but it is an historic day of a new beginnings. I originally began this post as a way to announce my new blog, Total Bad Nass. TBN will be a more holistic blog that focuses on the things I find important and that I think will resonate with those in similar situations: young professionals, working women, recent graduates — all those people trying to figure out what makes them them and how they can live their best life.

It also happens to be the first day of the presidency of a man I did not vote for and whose rhetoric was filled with lies and hate speech and sexism. The first day of the presidency of a man who divides the country far more than he unifies it, from as macro a level as between genders to as micro a level as the dinner table.

However, we must remember: it is not the first day that women, minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ peoples, and their allies are speaking up against those who not only don’t have their best interest at heart, but are fighting actively against it. It is not the first day that people are focusing upon the commonalities between people rather than on differences. Regardless of who you voted for, frankly, it is your responsibility to listen, maintain a critical, yet open ear, and remember that at the end of the day, we aren’t just talking about beliefs, race, religion, sexual preference, or money, but about people.  People are at the center of all this. And people fuck up. Like, all the time. We are flawed, self-serving, and slaves to the world around us. So as we go forward, I encourage you to keep the old adage “you lure more bees with honey than with vinegar” in mind. Focus on changing the things you don’t like in the world rather than using all your energy to hate those things. Avoid becoming a passive observer and contributing to the division. Share your world-view and listen to that of those who are different from you. None of this behavior is easy, but the future won’t be either if we don’t act now.

And then maybe when you need a break from kicking ass and being awesome, you’ll read my new blog.


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Three Times Per Day is Undergoing a Transformation!

When I started this pursuit, I thought the most interesting thing I could write about — and explore the world through — was food. However, much like our current presidential candidates, I’ve changed my mind since then.

It’s been just about a year since I first started Three Times Per Day. Since then, I’ve developed new passions and interests, grown in my career, returned to school, gotten involved with an amazing non-profit, began writing for Fitt Chicago, and have all the while continued to assess the evolving meaning of health and balance. In short, I feel as though limiting Three Times Per Day to food would mean I was not writing about that which is most important to me or most interesting to you.

I realized one’s spends their day basically three ways: working, playing, and recharging. The new and improved Three Times Per Day is all about navigating the balance between doing these things. Food will obviously still be a focal point, since it’s my ultimate recharge activity. But I (and special guest writers!) will also be posting about exercise, the fun things to do (around Chicago, definitely, and the world, maybe??), and self-exploration. Because I’m a female young professional and am examining the world through this lens, the topics covered will primarily cater to that audience. But balance is not reserved for women and yuppies! It’s something people from all walks of life strive to achieve, so I hope everyone who stumbles upon this finds something for them. And if you don’t? Shoot me an email or post a comment letting me know what you do want to see, and I’ll do my best to make that happen.

For example, some of the topics that will be forthcoming:

  • Best lunches in the Loop
  • How to begin your fitness journey
  • How to create your office “uniform”
  • Easy packable lunches
  • Best 30 minute workouts
  • What (various authors) learned from 1/5/10 years of working

Thanks to those sticking around and welcome to those who are new!

Now it’s time to walk the walk.

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