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What To Do With Those Old Brita Filters (and the Pitchers)


A few months ago, I got a Brita water filter. Today, I replaced the filter. As I stood there with the empty cartridge, I thought, “this doesn’t seem like something you should throw away or throw in the recycling can either…”

So I did a bit of research. Here’s what you can do with your cartridges:

Mail into TerraCycleTerraCycle turns old Brita filters, pitchers, and faucets into outdoor chairs, bike racks, watering cans, and park benches. Just collect 2 lbs. of Brita products to recycle. Then, using the free shipping label they provide through their website, mail in the box.

Drop off (or mail) for Preserve’s Gimme 5 program. Preserve recycles #5 plastics (which Brita products are made of). Drop your refuse off at one of the 250 drop off locations nationwide or recycle by mail so that your trash can be made into a wide variety of treasures, like mixing bowls, toothbrushes, and bags and totes (just to name a few).


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